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Asprova E-Learning: Hands-on Training - Lesson 1 (2a Part One)

Lesson 1 starts with the creation of a new project, introducing you to the actual items being created and the manufacturing processes required. All of the necessary tables are explained and the lesson guides you through the registering of all the master data. You'll learn which fields require what kind of data and the order that they must be set in. You'll also be able to create the schedule and check the results. Next, you'll further enhance the schedule by assigning workers for each process as sub-resources specifying whether they will work on the production, setup or both.

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Integrated Master Editor

Each field that needs to be set is highlighted with detailed explanations of what values need to be set.

Item Structure

Where necessary information slides explain in further detail about certain aspects the lesson. Here the structure of how the individual parts are put together is explained.

Resource Gantt Chart

To make it easier to focus on the important points the screen highlights the specific data that has been affected by changes in the data configuration.

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