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Asprova E-Learning: Hands-on Training - Lesson 2 (2a Part Two)

Lesson 2 continues with learning how to configure the Integrated Master Editor to define multiple items for a single item by specifying condition expressions. Specifying the Integrated Master Editor in this manner is called parametric BOM. In addition, you'll see now to register the skills of individual workers and reflect them on to the schedule by specifying which workers can carry out which operations.

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Expression Dialog

The Expression function allows you to create advanced expressions that you can use to set various condition expressions.

Skill Map

Registering the workers skills in a Skill Map simplifies maintenance procedures for the data relevant to the worker's skills on the Integrated Master Editor.

Resource Gantt Chart

After rescheduling, compare the assignment of the workers to see how their skills have been reflected on the schedule in regards to which operations they are capable of performing.

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