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Asprova E-Learning: Hands-on Training - Lesson 5 (2c)

Lesson 5 introduces a few techniques to improve your scheduling results. In Asprova, there are various features for shortening lead times and eliminating late deliveries, which you can use for the schedules you created through Asprova. Using some of the various features and operations that you've learnt up to now, this lesson gives you practical advice on optimizing your scheduling results.

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New Item

Quickly and easily add new items to the master table by copying existing items that already have a similar master structure.

Time Constraint Method

The Time Constraint Method allows you to specify the time relationship between two processes. Asprova gives you a wide range of methods to choose from allowing you to accurately configure the scheduling to match the actual conditions in your factory.

Split Operations

By setting the necessary parameters it is possible to split the operations for certain processes. This should not only reduce the lead time of your orders but may also reduce the number of late orders as well.

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