2010-1 Asprova scheduling software Newsletter

Jan 2010
Happy New Year!
Asprova is an Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system that creates production schedules at high speed for multiple items and multiple processes, fully integrating sales, manufacturing, inventory and purchase plans.
No.1 in Japan
Regarding FUJI KEIZAI CO,.LTD’s Report of 2009, Asprova’s marketing share is 48.8% ,
which is No.1 in Japan.
By Dec,2009, Asprova scheduling software has been deployed in 1390 companies.
Asprova scheduling software case studies
[High Tech] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/hightech.html
[Automobiles and Auto parts] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/automobile_and_autoparts.html
[Industrial Machinery and Components] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/imac.html
[Material(Metal/Paper/Textile/Plastics] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/material.html
[Food&Consumer Goods] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/foodconsumergoods.html
[Chemical] http://www.asprova.com/en/case/chemical.html
Asprova scheduling software introductory Seminar in Singapore on 2010/1/28
Time: 2010/1/28 (Thursday)  14:30-17:00
Area: Singapore Japanese association ballroom
Language: English/Japanese
Cost: Free
Main contents:
・Asprova scheduling software general description
・The purpose of implementation
・System configuration example
See detail : http://www.asprova.com/en/news_mt/20091221204208.html
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