Company History

1994.02 “Scheduling Systems Laboratory Corporation” established as the first company in Japan to specialize in the development and sale of production scheduling systems
1994.04 Released the production scheduling system “AutoScheduler”
1994.06 AutoScheduler exhibited in CIM-JAPAN Manufacturing Industry Solutions (Tokyo)
1994.06 First installation in Matsushita Electric Industrial Malaysian Factory “MACC”

1995.05 Released “AutoScheduler Ver2.0”

1996.04 Released “Asprova Ver3.0” (Product name changed to “Asprova”)
1996.06 Asprova Ver3.0 awarded the “4th Annual Small and Medium Enterprise New Frontier Excellence Prize” by the Japan Industrial Newspaper
1996.09 Moved to current address

1997.04 Released “Asprova Ver4.0”
1997.11 Increased capital to 20,000,000 yen

1998.03 Asprova exhibited in CeBit (Hanover, Germany)
1998.04 Released “Asprova Ver5.0”
1998.07 Partnership with Planning & Scheduling Company.
Started sales in Spain and Portugal.
1998.11 Asprova exhibited in APICS

1999.03 Asprova scheduling software received BAPI certification as an SAP R/3 Complementary Software.
1999.04 Released “Asprova Ver6.0”
1999.05 Partnership with Materials Management Processes (New Jersey, USA). Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in the United States.
1999.06 Changed company name to “Asprova Corporation.”
1999.10 Asprova Ver6.0 awarded “Software Product of the Year 1999”.
1999.12 Partnership with Profax. Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in the United Kingdom.

2000.03 Asprova exhibited National Manufacturing Week (USA) and MTA2000 (Singapore)
2000.03 Partnership with ISC Technology and InforTech. Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in Malaysia.
2000.03 Partnership with CIAC. Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in Singapore.
2000.04 Received “New Product Prize” – 12th Annual Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology (The Asahi Bank Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion / The Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper)
2000.04 Released “Asprova Ver7.0”
2000.07 Partnership with Production Modeling Corporation (Michigan, USA). Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in Canada and the USA
2000.07 Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in China and Taiwan
2000.11 Received “Best Manufacturing Management System/Product” – The Official CIM 2000 Awards in UK

2001.01 Partnership with SLI Korea. Began sales in Korea
2001.04 Released “Asprova Ver8.0”
2001.10 Released “Asprova Ver8.2” with Optimization Logic

2002.01 Partnership with ISI-Dentsu of Asia, Ltd. Began sales of Asprova scheduling software in Hong Kong and China.
2002.04 Released “Asprova Ver9.0”

2003.06 Released “Asprova2003 Ver1.0”

2004.06 Released “Asprova2003 Ver2.0”
2004.10 Partnership with NYNYSYS (California, USA)

2005.05 Released “Asprova2003 Ver3.0”
2005.05 Acummulative sales reach 1000 licenses
2005.05 Established Asprova (Beijing) Technology Co. as local subsidiary in Beijing, China

2006.02 Established Asprova Korea as local subsidiary in Seoul, Korea
2006.05 Released “Asprova APS Ver4.0” (Product name changed to “Asprova APS”)
2006.07 Cummulative sales reach 1075 licenses
2006.12 Partnership with INNOVA Corp.Began sales in Thailand

2007.01 Received Wonder Ware ISV certification
2007.01 Partnership with America Adap Chain Corp
2007.02 Awarded「Japan Venture Awards 2007」 (presented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Japanese Government)
2007.05 Partnership with Agilidad empresarial .Began sales in Mexico
2007.06 Partnership with Indonesia PT. INDONUSA COMPUTER SYSTEM, began sales in Indonesia
2007.06 Partnership with America I.T.A., Inc.
2007.06 Partnership with America I.T.A., Inc.
2007.09 Established Asprova AG , as local subsidiary in Germany
2007.10 Accumulative sales reach 1000 licenses in Japan
2007.11 Awarded「KURUMAE Venture Awards 2007」(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
2007.12 Established Asprova Shanghai, as local office in China

2008.01 Partnership with NEC America, began sales in America, Canada, Mexico
2008.01 Partnership with IT Inovacijos UAB, began sales in Lithuania
2008.01 Partnership with CANON CONTROL SYSTEM
2008.02 Partnership with China Wuxi Huaxia Computer Technology Corp.
2008.03 Partnership with Shenzhen NTTDATA East Net
2008.03 Partnership with Dixun INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
2008.04 Partnership with Wuhan Kaimu INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
2008.04 Received Germany SAP MII cerfitication
2008.06 Partnership with Ridan Infromaiton Systems(Shanghai)
2008.06 Partnership with Shanghai Minggu Information Technology
2008.06 Started Japan manufacturing know-how portal site Lean Manufacturing Japan in 9 languages
2008.07 Partnership with Fernridge Singapore PTE LTD, began sales in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam
2008.08 Partnership with Digital China Management System
2008.08 Partnership with Fujian Xunmeng software
2008.08 Partnership with Najing Boke
2008.08 Partnership with Xianchang Techonology
2008.08 Partnership with Ken System International Corp. began sales in Taiwan
2008.09 Partnership with Shanghai Tuochang Information Technology
2008.09 Partnership with Logical Solutions, began sales in India
2008.10 Shanghai office became Independent legal entities―Paicheng(Shanghai) software Ltd

2009.05 Released Asprova APS Ver7.0
2009.05 Partnership with TECHNOA
2009.08 Partnership with Vietnam GLOBAL CYBERSOFT
2009.09 Awarded Scheduling Society Technology Awards 2009
2009.11 Marketing share reached 48.8% in scheduling marketing in Japan
2009.12 Awarded Chinese business software Top10 in SCM field 2009

2010.02 Established Asprova USA ,Inc in Georgia
2010.06 Released Asprova Ver.8
2010.06 Released Asprova SCM
2010.08 Established Asprova Asia Sdn Bhd in Malaysia
2010.12 Partnership with Accenture

2011.01 Awarded Chinese business software Top10 in industrial software field 2010
2011.01 Partnership with Neusoft in China
2011.05 Partnership with Neusoft in China
2011.05 Awarded by Japan Industrial Management Association
2011.07 Established Asprova Shenzhen, as local office in China

2012.01 Marketing share reached 52.4% in scheduling marketing in Japan
2012.05 Relocated the headquater to 7-9-2, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

2013.03 The Gold Medal at Automation Fair in Poland
2013.03 Chinese manufacturing industry informatization excellent recommended product

2015.08 18th Japanese excellent food machinery materials and materials Award