Profile of Chairman of the Board Kuniyoshi Takahashi

Chairman of the Board Kuniyoshi Takahashi was born in 1958 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

During his college days, when he enjoyed rock climbing and winter climbing, he travelled alone on a bicycle for 2800 km throughout Japan, from the southern island Kyushu to the northern island Hokkaido, 5400 km from Seattle to New York, and 4500 km from England to Egypt via Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

For the past decade, he has devoted himself entirely to developing the ultimate production scheduling system. He says, “I personally devoted more than 4000 hours of my time to designing Asprova2003. Including program development, Asprova2003 took 15 man-years to create. Now it is my earnest pursuit to help more Asprova users increase their profits and join the winners of the manufacturing industry.”

Representative Director Kuniyoshi Takahashi
Representative Director
Asprova Corporation