2010-2 Asprova scheduling software Newsletter

Asprova is expanding marketing overseas actively in 2010, please feel free to contact us
if you want to know what manufacturing scheduler is, or are considering distributing
Asprova scheduling software in your area.
Asprova scheduling software seminars
From March 2010, Asprova scheduling software introductory training will be held in English and Chinese at the
Asprova head office in Tokyo. The purpose is for end users and partners from Chinese
and English speaking countries to receive Asprova’ s training in their language even if
living in Japan.
Mar 16,2010 (Thailand)
On March 16th, Asprova, DATA COLLECTION SYSTEMS and Astra (Philippines) Inc,
will organize a joint seminar “Solving on-site troubles, solutions for the shop floor” in Thailand.
In Southeast Asia, the system image that manufacturing industries pursued has
shifted from systems which only do information processing to systems which
contribute to shop floor productivity.
Seminar outline:
Time: March 16th (Tuesday) 13:30 – 17:00
Venue: Krungsri River Hotel
Cost: Free
Co-organizer: Astra (Philippines) Inc, Asprova Corporation
Further information:
Mar 2,2010 (Philippines)
The same theme seminar as above will also be held in Philippines.
To see detail:
Feb11,2010 (Indonesia)
Manufacturing systems implementation know-how seminar was held in Indonesia.
Asprova’ s user-CHIYODA INTEGRE and partner-ISID Corporation, related their system
experience and the key points of system implementation they thought.
Feb8-9,2010 (Philippines)
Asprova was exhibited at the 10th e-Services Global Sourcing Conference and Exhibition,
the biggest IT-related exhibition in the Philippines, from Feb 8th-9th 2010.
Together with Asprova’ s new business partner Astra corporation,
Asprova was looking forward to expanding business in the Philippines.
For more background on the benefits of a production scheduler, please view
the discussion topics available from our website. Here is a short extract:
Q: What problems are shared by manufacturing companies throughout the world?
How do you solve them?
A:1. How to strike the balance between demand and supply.
2. How do you deal with uncertainty?
The customer’s needs are diverse and that increases the number of goods.
It is not at all unusual for several million types of goods to be flooding the market especially
when you include variations in color, size and specification. The customer’s demands to
have a product delivered on time are also strict and changes are frequently made in orders…
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