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Asprova scheduling software was awarded as “2009 Chinese manufacturing information best practice system”
At the “2009 Chinese manufacturing information system summit”, held by the well-known
manufacturing information portal e-works, Asprova scheduling software was awarded as “2009 Chinese
manufacturing information best practice system”, thanks to the successful implementation
at Shanghai Sieyuan Electric Corporation.

Shanghai Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd , a famous manufacturer specializing in electrical
equipment in China, started operations with Asprova scheduling software from Nov 2009 and realized their
goals as below:

*Becoming able to quote delivery dates rapidly and accurately
*Manufacturing Visualization
*Flexible arrangement of manufacturing plan
*Becoming able to solve urgent situation
As a result, after Asprova scheduling software installed they saved costs of over 550000 RMB.

Further information:
Asprova scheduling software Clients’ Voice

The vibration-proof products of Bridgestone Elastech include many types and varieties
of processes, and that requires a lot of master data. To realize the accurate and
efficient scheduling, making use of Asprova scheduling software was definitely needed. This time installation
reached the target, and we will focus using Asprova scheduling software to reduce inventories in the future.
~From Bridgestone Elastech

Our initial intention in installing Asprova scheduling software was to automate the scheduling of work, but we
were unable to fit in maintenance of master data and that did not lead to the result we
had hoped for. However, a smaller core system, and the arrival of the Asprova sale
option gave greater incentive to use Asprova scheduling software to the utmost extent that we could.

We have now bounded the ways in which the system is used and that includes
leveling our production planning. Asprova uses opportunities gained through releasing
the order-receive option to smooth out production planning.
~From Mitsubishi Heavy industries

At first we reviewed the way of manufacturing under the circumstances which external
factors change. And if we carried out the solution found from the review, there was
another matter to overcome. That matter was how efficiently and accurately we could
make production plans we coverage being rather wide. Asprova scheduling software enabled us to realize that.
We will expand the use of Asprova scheduling software as we become to understand it more deeply in the future.
~From Ricoh

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