2010-4 Asprova scheduling software Newsletter

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Asprova corporation establishes subsidiary in Georgia, USA
Asprova Corporation (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. President: Takahashi Kuniyoshi)
established a subsidiary “Asprova USA, Inc.” in Georgia, USA, to give more local
support to U.S. manufacturing industries and expand Asprova’ s global business.
The domestic market is saturated for Japanese manufacturers, and they are finding
ways to road to international markets. Information systems to support those manufacturers
are expected to centralize from internal control regulations to information management
and business processes. We aim to help with production scheduling worldwide,
as the one company in Japan who has established branches and a distributor network worldwide.
By establishing a branch in the United States, not only North America but also Brazil,
which is one of the BRICS countries in South America, will be supported by our local partners.
Further information:
“Cooperation between Environmental and Production activities” free seminar-
How production activities can meet Global Environment Standards
In Hangzhou, China, May 13th, Asprova will hold “Cooperation between Environmental and
Production activities” seminar, sponsored by Canon IT Solutions.
Consideration for environmental conservation is an important part of corporate management.
Companies are requested that environmental considerations and business growth go hand in
hand in the process of growing.
However, companies must appease the environmental movements of Japan, China, and even
the world. Grasping the impact of production activities is the first step towards promoting
production efficiency at the same time.
The seminar will discuss decreasing CO2 emissions and green procurement, and describe
corresponding changes in production and more effective support to the development of production
methods and examples on the basis of “visual” management.
To see program in detail:
Asprova AG exhibited at Hannover Messe 2010, an international trade fair for industrial
technology, which was held in Germany from April 19 to 23.
HANNOVER MESSE – 19 to 23 April 2010 – showcased innovations, new developments
and technologies, alongside new materials from the world of industry.
Visitors from worldwide came to the exhibition and many of them interested in Asprova
production scheduler. Our members said that many more Europe manufactories realized
APS(Advanced Planning and Scheduling) , so It became easier to explain than last year.
Looking for partners overseas
We are looking for global partners to assist in developing our sales network overseas.
If you interested in our business, please feel free to contact us!
@@ We have a Golden week Holiday from April 29th,2010 to May 5th,2010