2010-5 Asprova scheduling software Newsletter


Supporting lean manufacturing.
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Hitachi Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd implemented Asprova scheduling software successfully
Hitachi Electronic Devices, in Jiangsu Province of China, who producing
CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), implemented Asprova scheduling software successfully.

Situation prior to implementation
1. Frequent changes of orders
2. Poor visualization of the production line
3. Difficult to Separate from depending on individual personnel
4. Large amount of work in progress inventory

Implementation effects
1. Dramatically faster processing speed of production scheduling.
About 100,000 jobs (number of jobs = number of lots x number of processes)
can be scheduled in 1.5 minutes.
2. Able to deal with rush orders
Due to the high-speed of the scheduling, became able to quote due dates for
rush orders immediately.
3. Visual display of progress by Gantt charts
Through tracking the real time progress of production lines by Gantt chart,
users are able to find out problems immediately.

Ongoing issues
1. Only the pre-process is scheduled by Asprova scheduling software , the full process is not involved.
2. The entire process of automatic scheduling, coordination and after-process
scheduling still takes about four hours.
3. Due to processes changing and reworking needed, it’s difficult to set up
master data to model the after-process.

Future challenges
1. Expand Asprova scheduling software to all production process
2. Rescheduling according to production results
3. Daily operation

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