2011-01 Asprova scheduling software Newsletter

Production Scheduling Software Asprova Newsletter (May 2011)
Federal Tyre case study
“With Asprova scheduling time was reduced from 1-5 days to 30-60 minutes”
Happy New Year, everyone!
This is a newsletter from Asprova Corporation, who is already the market
leader in Japan for production schedulers.
This time, we introduce a successful case study comes from a tyre company
Federal is a Taiwanese company established in 1954. Through technical
cooperation with Bridgestone in the’60s and Sumitomo Rubber in the ’80s
it laid a solid technical foundation and built its own brand – Federal Tires.
Federal currently ranks 44th in the list of the world’s tire producers.
With a “continuous innovation” business philosophy and over hundred sales
and service offices overseas, they aim for top 20 spot in the next 5 years.
Federal implemented Asprova in June 2009 for the forming and sulfuring
processes.Actually, they searched production scheduler since 2002,
at last chose Asprova.In 2010, we visited Federal and they were very
pleased to tell us that they had made much progress with Asprova.
Such as proportion of products delivered directly
without having been stored, on-time deliveries are up to 95%, inventory
turnover has been reduced from 20 to 15 days…
Because they achieved remarkable results by using Asprova, the Taiwanese
headquarter is considering implementing Asprova in plants in the Chinese
mainland. To communicate with plants overseas well and full use resources
to reduce costs, Asprova SCM(supply chain management )also into view.
To see this case study in detail: