The sequence of the registered order when use the auto-replenishment

The order is put in from XXXXXX0009 to XXXXXX0013. The dispatching rule is specified as “Order code”to “Ascending”. The item is set “Auto-replenish flag” to “Yes”. Then schedule it in the forward , and order M00104 and M00105 will be made in the replenishment order.The sequence of the order is not rowed in the dispatching rule (XXXXXX0010 is in the front and XXXXXX0009 is behind ) How to let it as the rule.By the way,setting “Auto-replenish flag” to “Yes”(One-to-one production), the sequence of the order is rowed in the order code.In addition, can be Auto-replenished without chenging the sequence of the order (the item replenished can’t be settled. )