Case Study 26:Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd.

Adaption to Build-to-Order, achieving Visualization of the whole plant and enhancing production throughput by over 30%

-Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd.-

Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd. started out as the first recording paper manufacturer in Japan and later diversified into business forms and information services.

Due to IT and the digitalization of printing technologies it became necessary to supply complete solutions to respond to market demand. This turned communication between different departments into an important issue. To realize seamless communication and to quickly respond to customers’ needs, the production management decided to set up a collective management system. The existing scheduler was not able to fulfill the needs to optimize across all departments, so they turned to implementing Asprova as their new scheduler.

We interviewed members of the production management and the system development departments about the implementation background and future plans.

Points on which Asprova was highly praised

  • Better Visualization
  • Increased Throughput
  • More Effective Plan
  • Enhanced Plan Accuracy
  • Deal with plan changing rapidly
  • Information communication

Implementation of Asprova led to overall optimization

Kobayashi Create’s main business is printing business forms. In recent years outsourcing has increased rapidly – customer data is being printed as a service including enveloping and shipping. This is a complete build- to- order process, considering the timing of the data obtained from customers and the need to prepare the forms. Forms exist in various paper types, designs and sizes that may also be combined. Furthermore the printers are general-purpose machines, that need various sub-resources such as cylinders, inks and cutters. To simultaneously consider so many factors and keep delivery dates, high technical scheduling is needed. By using Asprova it became possible to make optimized production plans.

Seamlessly connecting to ERP and realizing visualization using Asprova MES

The previous scheduler could not be connected to the ERP, so order information, design information and production results were not reflected. With Asprova it became possible to seamlessly connect to the ERP and to substantially reduce lead times. Furthermore the sales and production departments started using Asprova MES to visualize progress and reduce the
need for inquiries to
other departments.

Seamless connection &
new production management system through new scheduler

We are working on a pure build-to-order basis as each order has its own pattern. To realize deliveries in short time, we need to connect well with the design system. To quote delivery dates rapidly and correctly, we have to make an executable production plan with high speed.

The existing scheduler was not able to connect systems and to create an overall optimized schedule. One reason for selecting Asprova was that it can flexibly be connected to peripheral systems. This made it possible to improve same day delivery responses from 20% to 80%.

Production management in the printing industry is very complicated, so advanced planner know-how is important. Asprova’s standard functionality is very high, and the planners’ experience can be reflected in the system. Before implementing Asprova, seven planners were needed but now three planners are sufficient.

Future Image

Using Asprova the production plan was improved so that the production throughput rose by 30%.

Visualization of information in real time was achieved, so there is no more need to go to the shop floor as all relevant information is shown directly on screens.

In addition Asprova can supply various graphs and charts to reduce the effort of creating administrative record files.

Implementing Asprova had many effects. As the connection to the material management system was established outbound efficiency increased.

Following this success the subsidiary Kobayashi Create Kyushualso implemented Asprova. In the future the use of Asprova is going to be expanded to other business fields.

Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd.

Founded: April 1, 1946
Number of employees: 1,422 (September 2010)
Business description: Order forms, Cards, Automatic recognition, RFID tags, Software, Procurement system for automotive parts, Outsourcing printing business

■Project Team

Production Planning Department
Mr. Takahashi & Mr. Atake

System Development Department
Mr. Takahara & Mr. Suzuki

■Asprova Partner

Industrial Systems Division
Mr. Aoki& Mr.Mizuno


Adaption to Build-to-Order, achieving Visualization of the whole plant and enhancing production throughput by over 30%

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