The design of the homepage is renewed.

We have renewed the design of the homepage. The new page have make much clearer than the old one to make sure that you can find the information of Asprova which you want much more easily such as Category of “case studies”,”Asprova APS”,”FAQ” and so on. We also will add the infomation from now on,such as E-learning, and visit the new page, you will find what you want in the new page.

We release the New Features of Asprova “Graphical Master View”

We have released the new function of the Ver.6.1.1 Asprova which is “Graphical Master View”. The “Graphical Master View” can editor the master data easily. Please click here to check the details. ※You must Login to see the New Features. If you have not register yet, please register as a member first. Please click here to register as amember.