Gustav Wiegard Maschinenfabrik corporation in Germany has made an order of Asprova

Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK has been selling its products for decades to the global players of the steel-producing industry worldwide, including leading steel producers in more than 50 countries on 5 continents .

Before making the decision, it is impossible to make a JIT plan in one’s head or by using ERP under the three following conditions:
1. Process route: the number of process varies from 5 to 30 processes, including the special surface machining. Furthermore, process route varies according to the type of products.
2. Process time: the size of parts varies from 100 kilo to 5 ton per piece, and the process time for each product is different.
3. Lot size: from 1 to 5.

Due to the reasons above, the factory suffered from delayed delivery dates ,long lead times and over inventory of semi-finished parts.

After seeing Asprova’ s  prototype , Gustav Wiegard confirmed the possibility of making exact JIT plan and realized that Asprova could be very useful in their job in the future.