Asprova was one of the award winners of the Annual Top 10 of business software in China, 2009.

On 2009/12/10, renowned Chinese manufacturing portal Chang Xiang ( held their Chinese Business software award conference. Asprova’s Shanghai branch office was one of the award winners in the SCM category. To see information in detail: (Chinese) Currently, Asprova APS is ranking in the Top 8 by E-voting:

Asprova introductory Seminar in Singapore on 2010/1/28

Asprova’ s distributor Fernridge Corporation is going to hold a Asprova Introductory Seminar in Singapore, on 2010/1/28. The basics of Asprova’ s powerful and flexible features will be introduced, so you can get an idea of how to realize true visual management, create high-precision schedules, and the way to increase profit and cut costs by shortening lead times, reducing inventory, and increasing on-time deliveries. Time: 2010/1/28 (Thursday)  14:30-17:00Area: Singapore Japanese association ballroomLanguage: […]

Asprova’s Shanghai conference a success

On December 10, Asprova’s Shanghai conference was held with a large number of customers participating. The lectures given by Ricoh corporation and Si Yuan Electric company were received with much interest. This was the first time an Asprova conference has been held in China. We at Asprova would like to express our gratitude to the speakers and customers who participated our conference. Thank you very much. Conference Pictures:

Asprova was commended with the Scheduling Society’s technical award for 2009

 Asprova’s president Mr. Kuniyoshi Takahashi , presented “Production scheduling for increased profit from manufacturing – the inspiration behind Asprova APS” at the Scheduling Symposium in 2008. The software Asprova APS was recognized as having made great contributions to the manufacturing industry, and received the society’s technical award on September 18th 2009.

We have a New Year Holiday from 2009/12/30-2010/1/3

There is a New Year Holiday from 2009/12/30-2010/1/3 in Japan and we may not be able to answer your questions in time between the holiday. If you have any questions that you want to contact us, please take the time before or after the holiday and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Asprova Corporation was an exhibitor at the 7th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

  Asprova Corporation exhibited at the 7th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition from November 24 to 26, together with partner ISI-DENTSU SHENZHEN. Asprova introduced new features and the next generation of products-Asprova SCM. Many visitors said that was the first time they had seen scheduler software and showed much interest. Asprova is looking forward to going on expanding business in China in the coming year.

Asprova Corporation was an exhibitor at Account Mate SYNERGY 2009

Asprova Corporation exhibited at Account Mate SYNERGY 2009, annual business partner conference of AccountMate,which was held in California from October 17 to 21. Many partners showed their interested in Asprova, and gave a high evaluation after viewing a demo. Some partners requested to do business with Asprova together immediately and would like to go on contact with us.Asprova is looking forward to expand business in America further in the future. EXPO Dinner […]

Asprova case studies with Industry Solution are released

We have released the case studies with Industry Solution,such as High Tech; Automobiles and Auto parts; Industrial Machinery and Components; Material (Metal/Paper/Textile/Plastics); Food&ConsumerGoods; Chemical. We made the 6 solutions with sample data that will be helpful to the all customers. Please click here to check the solution which is for your company.

Released Asprova APS Ver 7.1.0.

Asprova APS Version 7.1.0 has been released. When updating from earlier versions prior to 7.0.0, please click the following bar and read the information carefully. Notes for upgrading to version 7.0.0 Click here for information on Asprova’s new and earlier features.Also, the restrictions with the free trial version have changed. For details, click here. To see the information on new features, member registration is required. Register as a member here. About downloading […]

Asprova has tightened with Global CyberSof to take its first step advancing to emerging Vietnam Industries Automation market.

Tokyo, Japan- August Japan top scheduling maker Asprova has tightened with Global CyberSof to take its first step advancing to emerging Vietnam Industries Automation market. Global CyberSoft has become Asprova’s first exclusive distributor and system integrator in Vietnam. Recently, with the prominent shift from China to Vietnam of Japanese manufactures, and also the tremendous growth of Vietnamese makers, Industries Automation has become an urgent need. With the strong collaboration between Asprova, as […]