Manufacturing systems implementation know-how seminar was held in Indonesia on Feb 11th 2010

Asprova’s distributorPT.INDONUSA COMPUTER SYSTEMheld a Manufacturing systems implementation know-how seminar in Indonesia on Feb 11th 2010.
Mr. Naoki Tominaga, from CHIYODA INTEGRE CO. (S) PTE. LTD. related his experience of production control systems using the Asprova MRP engine in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. To match Japanese stock evaluation standard, they implemented the same system overseas. In his opinion, the key points of system implementation are preparing various masters, the understanding of systems to be implemented and enhancement of accuracy in stock and orders. He said that project problems were languages, schedule control, and minimizing customization for each site.
Mr. Naozumi Takada, from Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
Introduced the construction of production control system overseas and kinds of solutions, mainly on experience of system implementation in each country. Affected by J-SOX and for visualization, the factories overseas that selected the same system are increasing. He introduced one solution for 4 patterns as an example, compared each pattern’s merits and demerits. Mr. Takada pointed out some points when systems roll out to foreign countries :
1. System/operations-sharing, ascertain operations
2. Uniform data management/improve data sharing
3. Input data in time
4. Make sure of the precision of data
5. Use system as simply as possible
6. Should support the policy from Japan etc.
Seminar photos:
Seminar in Indonesia
Seminar in Indonesia