Guide to learn Asprova

Asprova APS and Asprova MS

Asprova APS and Asprova MS are best seller products for scheduling many processes.

First Step

Please look at a Asprova movie before you stat this steps.

You need 26 min to look at this step movie and know basic settings and

If you not only look at a movie but also read a manual and operate Asprova
3 to 5 times, you could make a simple prototype of Asprova.

We also recommend you to look at a movie
Production Scheduling Asprova Reduce Delayed Orders 9min
getting the delivery date of rush order, being able to use Theory of TOC
improving efficiency through smallot

Text Movie Sample
Introduction Manual 1 and sample 1 Introductory Training – Sample 1 (26min) sample1
Introductoion Manual 2 and sample 5 sample5

You learn on sample1:Asprova MS
how to set musters and tables,order priority,how to operate a gannt chart,
reducing a delayed order with dispatching rule and change work time,
entering results,handling rush order, order gannt chart,
inventory graph,load graph.

You learn on sample 5:Asprova APS
how to handle parchase orders,handling sales orders,
handling stocks.

Second Step

You can learn a lot of functions to suit complicated real substantive factory.
Here are course contents of Hands-on Training for Asprova APS

Production Scheduling System Asprova:Course Contents for Hands-on Training

Number Text Movie Sample
Text1 Understanding the Current Situation You can use movies suiting to the Texts, which consists of 14 lessons.

Course Contents for Hands-on Training

You can operate Asprova along with Texts or movies.

When you hope to get the text, please mail at


(replace’AT’with @)and please write “text” in the title.

Text2a-1 Creating Master Data
Text2a-2 Parametric BOM and Skill Map
Text2b-1 Graphical User Interface (Tables)
Text2b-2 Graphical User Interface (Charts)
Text2c Techniques to Shorten Lead Times
Text2e Command and Scheduling Parameter
Text2f Order (Inventory) Pegging
Text2g Creating a Proto2, specify resource constraints
Text2h Creating a Proto3, constraints on operations
Text2i Creating a Proto4, constraints on operations
Text2j Creating a Proto5, constraints on operations
Text3-1 Connecting to External Systems
Text3-2 Custom Menu

Guide to learn Asprova