Asprova MES

Asprova MES: Scheduler monitor

Display Gantt charts on the shop floor or other locations, and enter reults data.

Download Asprova MES leaflet from the link below.
Asprova MES leaflet (PDF file)

Graphical user interface

Resource Gantt chart, order Gantt chart and dispatching view etc , can be referenced using the same windows as Asprova MS.
(only display the schedule result, not be able to adjust or save schedule )

Input results

It’s possible to input results through Asprova MES. The results can be export to text files or databases(external data source ),and connected to a system through external data source.

Concomitantly-used with Asprova DS

When Asprova DS is used, the real time connection is possible through internet or LAN without a shared folder or database.

For further details refer to the help page.

Asprova MES