Asprova NLS / Asprova DS

Asprova NLS: Network License Server / Asprova DS: Data Server

For production data sharing through network support.

Asprova NLS

Manage logins from PCs across network.

Start up Asprova from any PC on the network. Project data can be shared via network connection, enabling users to view or modify data even from remote locations.

* At least 1 APS, LS, MS or MRP license is required for each unit of planning (project).

Asprova DS

Integrates data among modules.

Each user can work on their own computer while Asprova DS synchronize their modifications. In this way, the person in charge of long term scheduling can use Asprova LS, the person in charge of short term schduling can use Asprova MS, and the people in charge of managing manufacturing data can use Asprova BOM, while integrating the shared information as a single project.

* Linking to ERP system is possible even without Asprova DS.

For further details refer to the help page.

Asprova NLS / Asprova DS