Equipped with advanced and highly-flexible scheduling logic

Main features and specifications:

  • Automatic task division
  • Load leveling allocation
  • Resource prioritization
  • Settings for number of workers requested
  • Settings for workers, jigs and molds
  • Merging / branch process allocation
  • Master data (resource capacity) expiry time customization
  • Restrictions on upcoming resources that specify destination
  • Customization of resource candidate selective feedback
  • Batch furnace summary supporting several simultaneous processing conditions
  • Maximum limits on setup and production downtime
  • Simulations utilizing several parameters
  • Item summaries minimizing setup time for each process
  • Restrictions on raw materials taking linked inventory and safety stock by time period into account
  • Filtering to allocate partial orders, processes, resources, items and more
  • Forward / backward allocation that can take buffer time into account
  • Dispatch settings capable of allocation based on priority
  • Skill charts tracking differences in worker capacities, including production abilities and time
  • Automated order supplementation capable of flexible adjustment – considers inventory and confirmed stock
  • Lot summaries with intermediate products grouped by unit periods – takes into account safety stock
  • Automatic linking of orders with complex linking conditions
  • Extensive setup time customization, includes off time setup, setup switching and processes before / after setup

Track Record

Over the 22 years since its introduction in 1994, Asprova APS is now used more than 2,200 installations, proof of its popularity in the world’s manufacturing industries.

Grobal Support Network

Asprova has established subsidiaries in five countries – China, Korea, the USA, Germany and Malaysia – and has sales and support contacts with more than 30 partners, enabling comprehensive care for the manufacturing sector.


Starting with the 4th Annual Small and Medium Enterprise New Frontier Prize awarded in 1996, Asprova has won a total of 12 awards. Our most recent Gold Medal AUTOMATION 2013.

Equipped with advanced and highly-flexible scheduling logic