With success stories like these, it’s no wonder Asprova is confidently solving everybody’s problems.

Over the last 22 years, Asprova has been brought into various factories around the world to solve a variety of problems faced in production planning.

While many of them experienced the Planning Efficiency Improvements, Transparency Inventory Reduction and Sharing of Process Information Asprova enables, these six examples are the most significant.

Case 1 : Pentel Co., Ltd.

Coordination with ERP achieved significant improvement in on-time delivery and reducing stocks of unshipped inventory.

Pentel Co., Ltd. is known fr its school stationary consumer products, while recently the company has expanded into the manufacture and sale of electronic devices and industrial robots. Pentel implemented Asprova APS to assist with production proposals related to sales planning. Originally, the company would prioritize on-site tasks in its planning, but its bulging inventory was showing no signs of abating. Among other business reform efforts, Pentel linked Asprova APS with other newly-introduced ERP solutions, resulting in a drastic reduction in unshipped inventory by 50 to 75 percent. The on-time delivery rate was also significantly improved.

On-Time delivery

Case 2 : Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

Production plan steps reduced by two thirds, while a better grasp of production capacity facilitated more flexible yield adjustments.

Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of automobile, residential, civil-engineering and medical / cosmetic products, while also producing various sealing materials. The company introduced Asprova to create viable production plans and understand its production capacity by simulating future load. Asprova allowed it to reduce the number of steps required for production plans by two thirds, while also making it easier to adjust yield. Setting minimum inventory also allowed Nishikawa Rubber to achieve a 40 percent reduction in product inventory.

Quicker Planning

Case 3 : Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn. Bnd.

Made the global for its production system, improving efficiencies in product planning and reducing inventory across subsidiaries in several countries.

Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia Sdn. Bnd. was founded in 1972, today making and exporting air conditioner packages and parts to more than 120 countries. With the massive growth in demand for air conditioning after 2000, the company implemented Asprova to improve production efficiency and minimize inventory space. Today, Asprova assists with production planning. At the same time, other units within the Panasonic group of companies experienced similar problems. Impressed by Asprova’s local support network, Panasonic chose to make Asprova its global standard, working to expand implementations into the rest of its network.


Case 4 : Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd.

Factory transparency increased,

with yield per planning time increased by 30 percent.

Kobayashi Create Co., Ltd. ,which provides products and services centered on the printing of recording paper and business forms, introduced Asprova to achieve coordination between multiple business with the aim of maximizing efficiency across the board. The company’s printing business operates entirely build-to-order basis, with each customer order unique to another, originally making short delivery times difficult. With optimized production proposals now possible however, Kobayashi Create was able to increase yield per planning time by 30 percent. Promised same-day delivery from 20 to 80 percent as well, reducing lost opportunities.

Increased Production

Case 5 : Webasto Japan Co., Ltd.

Planning moved from a daily to hourly basis,

drastically reducing warehouse inventory.

Webasto Japan Co., Ltd. makes products such as car sunroofs; its headquarters are located overseas. The company implemented Asprova as part of the broader group’s drive globalize, demanding manufacturing efficiency improvements and the ability to manage all processes, from parts procurement to manufacturing and shipment, by the hour. All assembly line production is now planned on an hourly basis, while related parts ordering and product shipping is now automated, delivering a dramatic reduction in inventory and necessary warehouse space. Personalization of production planning was also removed, eliminating experience and intuition from the process.

Reduced Inventory

Case 6 : Yamaha Corporation

Information sharing between production floor and management reduced proposal creation and manufacturing lead time by two thirds.

Yamaha Corp. has considerable global operations in the music and sound industries, producing musical instruments, A/V equipment and musical classes. The company was previously spending large amounts of time on product proposals,with small production volumes and complicated manufacturing processes weighing down on basic packaging operations for its electronics and professional floor and management. Planning could now be updated with performance information in real-time, reducing time needed for proposals from 60 to 20 hours/month, as well as manufacturing lead time and WIP inventory by two thirds.

Information Sharing

With success stories like these, it’s no wonder Asprova is confidently solving everybody’s problems.