Asprova MS

Asprova MS: Short Term Scheduler

Create detailed schedules using FCS.

Rich-featured, ultra-fast logic

Create short term schedules at ultra-high speed. Asprova’s production scheduler
provides numerous advanced features include external setup, time constraints
between processes (ESE, EES, ESSEE, SSEEE), pegging method between operations
(N-to-N, 1-to-1, inventory+1-to-1), inventory expiration date, pegging conditions.

Also, by synchronizing with mid/long term scheduling, short term schedules can be generated in consideration of long term schedules.

Parametric BOM

Define multiple products with a single manufacturing BOM through use of conditional
expressions and calculation formulas. Even for problems that could traditionally
only be solved through development of plug-ins or other customization, you can now
solve just by entering expressions on the spot. This enables large reductions in the
amount of manufacturing BOM data.

Skill map

Enter skills of individual workers as a matrix and perform scheduling considering
those skills. This greatly eases input and maintenance and manufacturing BOM data
dependent on work skills, and can enable large reductions in the amount of data.

For further details refer to the help page.

Asprova MS