Asprova Academic License

The Asprova Academic License is a special low cost license for schools, universities and other academic institutions who wish to use Asprova for the purpose of studying or researching about production scheduling using a software scheduler.
The available software will be the Asprova APS version, with all available options included. This will allow you to use all of the functionality of Asprova.

Items included in the Academic License:

Introductory Manuals + additional documentation
Help File
Sample Data (over 30 different types)
Plug-in development tool kit, COM SDK (documentation and sample source code)

Furthermore, if you enter a maintenance agreement then you will also be eligible for free upgrades of software during the maintenance period.
Please contact Asprova Corporation for details.

Joint Research Projects

Currently, Asprova Corporation is seeking research establishments for the development of join research projects on SCM, scheduling problems and production control systems. For those Academic Institutions that are willing to participate in joint research projects we will be able to offer the Academic License at an ever lower price.
Please contact us.

Asprova Academic License