Inventory Reduction

Inventory reduction of work-in-process inventory is achieved naturally when production lead times are shortened. Asprova can further reduce inventory levels of finished items and bulk-produced parts by performing pegging between sales orders and manufacturing orders. In the case that an inventory shortage appears in the schedule, Asprova can automatically replenish the inventory by generating manufacturing orders according to the lot sizing rules you specify, while continuing to minimize finished item and work-in-progress item inventory levels.

1. Auto-Replenishment Production

By setting a safety stock level for key items, you can have Asprova automatically generate production orders to replenish inventory just-in-time to keep the inventory from falling below the safety stock level. Since you can schedule manufacturing orders of intermediate items, manufacturing orders of finished items, and sales orders from customers in any order, you can use this feature for any manufacturing pattern, including make-to-order, build-to-order, and make-to-stock. In this way, you can keep inventory to a minimum.

Auto-Replenishment Production by setting a safety stock level

2. Sales Order Scheduling (Optional)

Using this feature, you can peg sales orders from customers to manufacturing orders generated based on a forecast. By monitoring how each manufacturing order is pegged, you can avoid overproduction while minimizing stockouts.

Sales Order Scheduling to peg sales orders from customers to manufacturing orders

Inventory Reduction