Customer Testimonials

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries have succeeded in achieving
their business goals and becoming more profitable through use of

Below are testimonials from Asprova users, as
documented in the book “Manufacturing Time Into Money” by Zenjiro
Imaoka (published in Japanese by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.).

“Before deploying Asprova we had the lowest score in
the benchmarking criteria of an important customer, but now
we’re the runaway top

– An electronic parts manufacturer in Tokyo

“We were able to entirely eliminate the more than 40 hours of
that the planning team was spending on the next month’s
production schedule.”

– A paper factory in Tokushima

“After deploying Asprova, we experienced a steep increase in

– A dye coloring manufacturer in Nara

“We were able to reduce our inventory by 30% in monetary

“In the midst of price pressure, we were able to lower our
break-even point
by 35 percent.”

– An automobile pipe manufacturer in Ibaraki

Can anyone achieve these kinds of results?

Among the more than 1000 Asprova users worldwide, those results are not
unusual. However, the results you can expect to achieve depend on the kind
of products you make and the manufacturing know-how that your organization

How to minimize your investment risk

The best way to determine the level of results you can expect is to
create a prototype using actual data of your factory and to actually try
scheduling it.

Customer Testimonials