Asprova Ver.17.5

Ver. 17.5 release date: March 11, 2024 In Ver. 17.5, markers for orders can now be displayed on the order gantt chart. We have also made e-Protector available for Asprova APS as well. 1. Marker display on the order gantt chart 2. Remember previous scroll position in style 3. Table auto-sort 4. Settings parameter export 5. e-Protector support Users who are using Ver. 17.5 or earlier must have a maintenance contract in […]

Asprova Ver.17.4

Ver. 17.4 release date: November 20, 2023 In Ver. 17.4, we have released a feature to modify production time and setup time based on the assigned time, which was requested by many of our customers. In addition, we released other features requested at our Asprova Meet ( 1. Production time adjustment expression, setup time adjustment expression 2. Setting parameter export 3. Display summed values from table cells in the status bar (Autocalc […]

Asprova Ver.17.3

Version limitation feature: Users who are using Ver. 17.3 or earlier must have a maintenance contract in order to use the “Version Limit Function”.    1. Changeover Teardown (Version restricted feature) The Changeover Teardown feature allows teardown to be specified based on conditions. Please see the help page for more information on Changeover Teardown. – Item teardown table Works like the setup table for changeover setup. Below is an example of a 300 […]

Asprova Ver.17.1

In Ver 17.0 we have overhauled Asprova’s UI based on the concept of a modern, reliable UI for beginners and experienced users alike. Asprova’s new UI is designed to be more friendly for new users. Icons, etc., have been simplified so that they can be distinguished by shape, and the contrast of text, etc., has been improved. In addition, the color design takes into account the diversity of color vision.      1. […]

Asprova Ver.16.4

There are no new features added for this version. The changes are mainly as follows: 1. To reflect the 8 months of bug fixes done since Ver.16.3.0, for a more stable module. 2. There were changes made within Asprova’s underlying codebase for future developments. The existing features have been thoroughly tested, and we are satisfied this module is stable enough for release. Other improvements made are as follows:    1. Switching styles in […]

Asprova Ver.16.3

   1. Improved export of inventory graphs, load graphs, and working patterns (maintenance contract required) Inventory graphs, load graphs, and working patterns can now be exported using DBIO. This will now allow you to export the above to programs like Microsoft SQL Server and Excel. Starting from this version you are now able to generate tables of inventory graphs, load graphs, and working patterns. When these commands are executed, the table will be […]

Asprova Ver.16.2

   1. Improvements to the Field Mapping window (maintenance contract required for part of it) We have made major improvements to the Field Mapping window used to define mappings between text files, database columns and Asprova properties. 1. When a column is added, changed, or deleted in a database connected to OLE DB, the mapping was shifted in the previous version, but is no longer shifted in this new version. Example: The column OrderUser_aaa […]

Asprova Ver.16.1

Main features of this version When refresh importing, properties that were not field mapped can now be left as it is. Other changes Help      1. When refresh importing, properties that were not field mapped can now be left as it is. In the past versions, when refresh importing, values of properties that were not mapped were cleared. From now onwards, by setting the DBIO object’s [Clear values of properties not mapped] to […]

Asprova Ver.16.0

Main features of this version We have added a number of functions to improve usability, based on the requests we have received from customers. You can now download the magic number and license files from Asprova and NLS / DS utilities. The annual rewriting procedure for e-Protector is no longer required. An optional replacement service has been added to the maintenance contract service.      1. Wrap text and inserting new lines It is […]

Asprova Ver.15.3

Production scheduler Asprova Ver.15.3 has been released with new functionality such as adding comments to expressions, making scheduling settings more understandable. ■Comments can now be added to expressions. This can be used to document expressions to make it more understandable, which helps to reduces dependency on any one individual. Expressions can be used in Asprova to customize scheduling logic, GUI settings, system linkings etc, by specifying conditions or processing logic. From this […]