Ver.15.0.0 Multiple resource setup combination function

Whereas until now only one type of setup time could be registered when switching resources, it is now possible to register multiple types of setup time. For example, it is possible to separately register the time required for changing molds and the time required for changing workers, and set the total value or Max value of each as the setup time. Any number of resource switching types can be registered. Sample data […]

Ver.15.0.0 Function allowing project manager to manage the screens of each user

Until now, when multiple users used Asprova, each user could freely customize settings related to screens such as menus and window styles, but editing authority can now be restricted to the project manager. Now it is possible to choose whether to leave screen settings up to each user as before or delegate authority to the project manager in this regard. Delegating screen setting authority to the project manager allows the project manager […]

Ver.14.1.0 Execution by referencing scheduling parameters is now possible

A reference execution command allowing execution by referencing specified scheduling parameters has been added. To use scheduling parameters with the same content in the scheduling parameters and custom menus, simply set one reference execution command that specifies the scheduling parameters to be executed. This saves you the trouble of setting and performing maintenance for each individual scheduling parameter. Moreover, since the properties of reference scheduling parameters can be edited immediately before and […]

Ver.14.1.0 It is now easier to move bars and change the properties of operations on the order Gantt chart

It is now easier to move the bar and change the properties of operations on the order Gantt chart. Further, it is also possible to easily display the properties window of operations on the order Gantt chart. Manufacturing lead time is often several weeks to several months in engineer-to-order (ETO), and we have responded to the need of users to be able to check and edit rough schedules rather than detailed schedules […]

Ver.14.1.0 We added a feature to change the time between processes by condition by describing the time constraints with expressions

We created expressions for time constraint MIN(MAX) and resource L(R) time buffer. It is possible to create condition expressions by using information on operations in a preceding process or subsequent process, assigned resources of operations of preceding or subsequent processes, assignment direction, and the like. This makes it possible to take into consideration the distance between manufacturing facilities and add leeway time to each order. For example, assume that the distances between […]

Ver.14.1.0 The pegs between operations and orders on the Gantt chart can be freely edited

Previously, it was necessary to register output items and input items in the Integrated Master for pegging. Further, in the next order, pegging could not be done midway in a process. With this addition of these features, you can now easily peg operations on a Gantt chart and set time constraints without having to register output items and input items. You can also perform pegging between operations of midway processes.   Asprova […]

Ver.14.1.0 You can easily copy the Integrated Master of Job Order Production and Engineer To Order

In the case of Engineer To Order (ETO), it is necessary to create an Integrated Master for each order. Until now, in Asprova, it took time and effort to create an Integrated Master for each order. To remedy this, we added a feature that makes it possible to automatically create order-specific items and Integrated Master for a particular order by simply registering items to be used as a template and selecting and […]

Ver.14.0.0 Added simplified holiday registration and national holiday download function

When "HOLS" is specified as "date or day of the week" in the calendar table, holiday shifts can be applied to the dates registered in the holiday table. Moreover, you can download holidays to the holiday table by specifying the country. 186 countries are supported. This makes it possible to automatically make national holidays into holiday shifts.       Asprova HELP -> -> [GUI]-[Holiday Table]-[Holiday Table] – HelpNo.:706600

Ver.14.0.0 Support of Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is now available for user authentication when logging into Asprova DS or Asprova NLS. This allows aggregation of user and password management in Active Directory.   Moreover, the Single Sign On function for logging in using the currently logged in Windows user is also supported, and in that case, you do not have to enter your user name and password when logging in.   Asprova HELP -> -> […]