Implementation Steps

Minimizing our customers’ cost and risk is our first priority. Although Asprova has been proven in more than 2000 factories in most industries, we recommend that you carefully check the feasibility of using Asprova in your factory before making a final decision.

Remember, trying out the real software is the only way to minimize investment risk.

Once you have become comfortable with Asprova through the cost-free steps listed below, you can then go on to attend a practical training seminar and engage an Asprova consultant to help you design, evaluate, and implement a full solution.

Full steps for implementation are described below. So, we’d like you to spend enough time to create a prototype in the third step listed below.

Steps for Implementing an Asprova Profit Increase Project

Description and Points Support Service
Understanding the current situation and setting goals
Complete the profit increase diagnosis sheet with the results of your investigation of the current situation and the target values you aim to achieve. Set goals halfway between the ideal situation and reality. Since adding to or changing goals in the middle of a project can become a source of confusion, be sure to set clear goals from the outset and leave them unchanged until the project is done.
Free Introductory Seminar
Profit Increase Diagnosis Sheet
Learning Asprova
Free Introductory Manual
Creating a Prototype and Investigating Systematization
Create a prototype by inputting your own factory’s data. Evaluate the prototype, investigate the extent of the new system and the need for development of peripheral functionality or interfaces with existing systems, and break up problem areas into the following categories:

  • Problems to be solved with Asprova’s standard features
  • Problems to be solved by adjusting your operating procedures
  • Problems to be solved by developing peripheral programs or plug-ins

Before officially resolving to deploy Asprova, be sure to create a prototype and test it thoroughly, so as to be as sure as possible that your profit increase project will be a success.

For a fee Hands-on Training
Rental Set
Profit Increase Diagnosis
Signing the Contract and Assembling a Project Team
Sign a contract regarding the Asprova license, program development, and consultation. Start the profit increase project by assembling a project team officially endorsed by your company. The project team typically consists of three or more people, including one project leader, one or more people involved in production planning, and one or more people involved in system administration.
For a fee License Agreement
Preparing Data
Prepare data for actual use. Preparing the necessary master data is a lot of work. In general, you should expect it to take one month or more with one person working full-time on data preparation. Be sure to make arrangements so that the person in charge of data preparation will be able to set aside a sufficient amount of time for this job. Sometimes data preparation can drag on for a long time because of the difficulty of preparing a large amount of data at high precision. In such cases, we recommend starting operation with data at a certain level of precision and gradually improving the precision of the data as operation proceeds.
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Program Development

Developing Additional Programs
In most cases, Asprova will be interfaced with an existing system. Developing an interface with the existing system helps the planning cycle to proceed smoothly. In addition to employing our help, you can develop peripheral programs including interfaces with existing systems yourself using tools such as Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.
Writing the Operation Manual
Put together an operation manual describing the new procedures for issuing work instructions, gathering results data, and processing orders with Asprova.
Holding an In-house Orientation Session
A profit increase project involves re-organizing your way of doing things. You will adopt new ways of issuing work instructions and gathering production results data. Before starting test operation, hold an orientation session to explain the meaning of the operation procedure and the way to carry it out.
Starting Test Operation
Start test operation. Test operation typically takes one to two months. Once test operation is completed, you can switch over to actual operation.
Items you manufacture and equipment you use for manufacturing will change over time. In order for you to use Asprova for a long time, we recommend that you enter into a maintenance contract for necessary maintenance and software upgrades.
For a fee Maintenance Contract
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Implementation Steps