Asprova SED

Asprova SED (Schedule Editor): Schedule Modifier for Production Planner

Why is Asprova SED developed?

Is your factory still having trouble integrating production schedules made by multiple planners? This kind of work often takes long time, only to give no additional value to the products. It should be done easier and faster with IT technology. As much time as possible must be spent on manufacturing. This is why we developed “Asprova SED”.
This module is specifically designed to help multiple production planners to modify the production schedule simultaneously. It makes it faster to create the whole production schedule in consideration with the production schedules made by the planners.
Therefore, this SED is quite useful especially in a factory where planners try to consume resources at their own convenience, or where manufacturing efficiency is badly affected due to the scheduling.

How to operate

The whole plan is created with scheduling module (e.g. Asprova APS) based on the data of sales, inventory, purchase, etc.
Each production planner uses Asprova SED to modify the schedule of production line in charge.
Consistency is checked among the modified schedules and they are integrated into the whole plan.

Asprova SED.png


In the processes above, scheduling data is shared via Asprova DS (Data Server): module to manage Asprova data files in one place. Asprova DS enables users to share modified schedules.
For details about Asprova APS and Asprova DS, please refer to each introduction page.

Asprova SED