Notes on upgrading to version 7

Since Asprova APS version 7, along with adding support for Windows Server 2008 the protector driver has been upgraded. When using protector with actual, demo or trial version, protector driver must be upgraded using Sentinel Protection Installer 7.5.0 in order to use Asprova APS version 7 normally.

From version 7.0.0, it is possible to install the protector driver from Asprova APS installation package as well.

Therefore, it is mandatory to upgrade the protector driver using Asprova APS installer in order to use version 7 or later with protector correctly.

Please, be careful when upgrading Asprova by changing only modules (Asprova.exe, AsPlugInManager.dll).

The Upgrading Process of Protector Driver

1) Remove the protector from the computer.

2) Acquire Asprova APS version 7.0.0 from the Asprova web page. Download and store the installer file on your computer.
* Note that the free trial version of Asprova does not include the protector driver. Make sure to download the file using "includes protector driver" link.

3) Go to Control Panel and select Add/remove programs. From the list, select the previous installation of Asprova and click remove button. In the Asprova’s installer menu select uninstall option.

4) When the uninstall process is over, execute the Asprova installer downloaded at step 2.

After installing the newest version of Asprova, plug the protector to computer to make sure it works correctly. From main menu, select [Help – User Registration…]. This brings up <?user registration dialog?>, which shows the serial number and other user related information.

When selecting [Help – User Registration…] from the main menu, it is possible that following error message is displayed. In this case, try to upgrade the protector driver as described in the next section.

When Protector is not Recognized

Normally, when installing using the Asprova 7.0.0 installer, the protector driver should also be updated. However, if for some unknown reason the protector is not recognized by Asprova, please, follow the instructions below.

1) In Control Panel’s Add/remove programs, and select the previously installed Sentinel driver.

2) Click "Change or remove" button (if separate buttons, click remove) to uninstall the driver.

3) Go to "Sentinel" folder under Asprova install directory and execute setup.exe file.

4) The driver installer starts up. Click next button.

5) Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click next.

6) Select "Complete" and click next.

7) Click "Install" button.

8) Click "No" button.

9) Click "Finish" button. This ends the installation.

After completing the installation, plug the protector to computer to make sure it works correctly. From the main menu of Asprova, select [Help – User Registration…]. This brings up user registration dialog, which shows the serial number and other user related information.


– Although the protector driver was updated with Sentinel Protection Installer 7.5.0, the previous versions of Asprova modules recognize the protector correctly.

– USB or serial port is required (previous versions of Asprova have recognized protector correctly).

– When installing to a new computer or protector was not recognized correctly, please make sure that
1. you are logged in with a user with administrator rights
2. the device (USB or serial port) you are trying to use the protector with is working properly
If you have made sure the above mentioned points and are still experiencing problems with protector, please, contact your nearest resale office or Asprova corporation.