Recommended Operating Environment

Recommended Operating Environment for Asprova APS

Please see here  for the operating environment of Asprova APS.

※The Asprova 64bit version is not available for normal downloading. Please contact us if you’d like to have a trial or know more.

Recommended Operating Environment for Asprova NLS・DS

Asprova NLS・DS supported operating OS(32bit)
Windows 11 (above Ver.
Windows 10 (above Ver.
Windows Server 2022 (above Ver.
Windows Server 2019 (above Ver.
Windows Server 2016 (above Ver.
Windows Server 2012 R2 (above Ver.
Windows Server 2012 (above Ver.
※There isn’t Asprova NLS・DS for 64bit. However, it operates normally in an interchangeable mode by WOW64 on 64bit processor machine.
Maintenance contract is required to upgrade the Asprova.

CPU Above Pentium4 is required.
Memory Above 512MB.
Hard disk Above 30MB is required if using NLS only. When accompanied with DS, 300MB is needed for each project. (The hard disk requirements depend on the quantity of data)
Remarks One USB port or serial port is needed except the e-protector

Recommended Operating Environment