Five problems of Chemical industry

① Quality control … Efficient scheduling is required, because in-progress goods have
expiry dates
② Due dates … As the production processes go farther from the material input
phase, the in-progress goods become more diverged or complicated depending on their packing types, and factories do not know whether they can accept urgent orders and delivery date changes.
③ Cost and Profits … Cost and profit per product should be visualized
④ Tank facilities … Efficient allocation plans, which take care of tank facilities’complex constraints as well as cleaning maintenance, are needed
⑤ Globalization … Close coordination with foreign factories is hardly maintained


One of the current important issues in the field of production industry is how to deal appropriately with external factors such as demand changes, and internal factors such as production leading time, yield rate, and break-downs, reducing inventories at the same time. The solution includes two points: visualization and reduction of lead time. “Visualization” and “reduction of lead time” are realized by installing a scheduler with finite capacity. Schedulers with finite capacity make production schedules as to reduce lead time, considering facilities and workload. Having Scheduling result, production progress, and future schedule accessible for anyone to see realizes “visualization”.

The fields of Asprova users

Adhesives, plastic, asphalt, silicon, motor oil, polyethylene, polypropylene, molding materials, rubber, fluorine chemical products, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride paste, plastic paint products, make up products, chemical substances…

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Case Studies

Films – Fuji Film Computer Systems

Pharmaceutical products – Nippon Shikizai