Industrial Machinery and Components

The characteristics and problems of High Tech companies

One of the current important issues in the field of production industry is how to deal appropriately with external factors such as demand changes, and internal factors such as production leading time, yield rate, and break-downs, reducing inventories at the same time.


The solution includes two points: visualization and reduction of lead time. “Visualization” and “reduction of lead time” are realized by installing a scheduler with finite capacity. Schedulers with finite capacity make production schedules as to reduce lead time, considering facilities and workload. Having Scheduling result, production progress, and future schedule accessible for anyone to see realizes “visualization”.

The fields of Asprova users

Looms, kitchen appliances, machine tools, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, optical instruments, light fixtures, air conditioners, heating appliances, plastic parts for office equipment, control computers, material handling equipment, power transmission equipment, power-driven hand tools, internal combustion engines, in-line instrumentation systems, wafer visual inspection equipment, centrifuges, sewing machines, heat treatment equipment, tanks, water tanks, turbines, condensers,
model engines, vacuum pumps, wafer precision equipment, food products machinery, electric facilities, gas and water-related tools, water supply-related instruments, electric welders, stage lighting fixtures, sewing machine parts, pumps, ultrasonic diagnosis equipment, CNC, robot transfer machines, nuclear equipment, crystal units, rubber hose, fire alarm equipment, wind turbines…

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Case Studies

Factory Automation – Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya

Missile – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Pipe Manufacturer – Kihara Manufacturing

Plumbing system parts – Hitachi Metals

Wind turbines – Mitsui Engineering & Ship Building Co Ltd