Safe Customization Using Plug-ins (COM Interfaces)

If Asprova’s standard features are not enough to meet your needs, you can create plug-ins (additional programs) using Visual Basic or C++ that extend Asprova’s menus, dialogs, data viewing/editing features, scheduling logic, and so on, with your own new features.

Asprova’s plug-in framework is not only immensely powerful, but is also much more safe and cost-effective than traditional custom development, as development of plug-ins requires no modification to the Asprova software itself. That means you can upgrade the Asprova software at any time while still taking advantage of the custom features you developed through plug-ins.

Plug-ins can be developed by Asprova distributors, third-party system integrators, and by users themselves using the Asprova COM SDK and sample plug-in source code provided free by Asprova Corporation. Plus, since Asprova’s plug-in framework is built on Microsoft’s standard COM technology, anyone who is familiar with programming in Visual Basic or writing macros for Excel or Access can easily learn to write Asprova plug-ins.

System Architecture Example

System Architecture Example

ERP Integration

Asprova can be integrated with most ERP, production management, MES, shop floor control, and legacy systems.