Ver7.0.2 COM interface extension (reschedule using a given parameter name)

COM interface was extended with following functions.


Reschedules using a given scheduling parameter name.

1) The first parameter is the code (i.e. name) of a shceduling parameter.
2) The second parameter is either True or False. When True, the scheduling name is searched from top-level parameters only. When False, the search is extended to the children of composite scheduling parameters as well.

<<code example>>

Executes the default scheduling parameter.

Dim asProj As AsLib.ASBProject
Set asProj = args.ArgAsObject(kArgProject)
asProj.RescheduleByParameterName "DefaultSchedulingParameter", False

** The code (i.e. name) of the default scheduling parameter is “DefaultSchedulingParameter”. The code can be found from the Common tab in the property window.