Ver.13.0.1 Multi-user simultaneous schedule editing function

The functions of Asprova DS (DS = Data Server), making it possible to view schedules with multiple other users and input results have been strengthened, allowing multiple users to simultaneously edit schedules on a Gantt chart or Dispatching view.
For example, multiple process in-charges can simultaneously edit their respective resource schedules and upload the results to Asprova DS to get them reflected to the latest schedule.
Asprova SED (SED = Schedule Editor) has also been added as a dedicated module type for schedule editing.
Although it does not support global schedule rescheduling, Asprova SED provides standard features such as a manual schedule editing function and a function for automatic sequencing of operations, making it a suitable module that allows process in-charges to efficiently edit schedules.
This is further explained in a video.
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