Ver.13.0.1 Object browser that graphically displays object connections such as consecutive operations, orders and operations, masters, and the like

The Object browser graphically displays object connections such as the operations preceding and following an operation selected in a chart or table, use instructions of sub resources, and selected orders and their corresponding pegged orders.
Moreover, double-clicking a bar in the Object browser calls up charts and tables and takes you to the appropriate location.
Using the object browser allows you to smoothly trace back among objects and make it easier than ever to find what you want.
For example, clicking a bar in a resource Gantt chart displays graphically the preceding and following operations and the used resources in the object browser.

And when you click the sub resource bar in the object browser, the resource Gantt chart jumps to the relevant location and brings it into focus.
This simply searches the locations to which sub resources have been assigned.

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