Ver.13.1.0 The order of objects whose properties are to be edited with the Modify Properties command can now be specified.

With the Modify Properties command, it is now possible to set the order of the objects whose properties are to be modified with a sort expression. Moreover, the order of execution when multiple property modifying expressions exist can be specified with the “Execution sequence” property. Until now, only “By expression” was available, but now “By object” can also be selected.

For example, to assign a number by earliest production start time to the starting order property (Work_StartingOrder) of the assigned operation for each resource, add an integer user property called ResourceUser_StartingOrder to the resource class and set it as follows.

Operation sort expression ME.Work_OperationProductionStartTime,a
Execution sequence By object
Property modifying expression
[1] ME.Work_StartingOrder=ME.Work_OperationMainRes.ResourceUser_StartingOrder
[2] ME.Work_OperationMainRes.ResourceUser_StartingOrder = ME.Work_OperationMainRes.ResourceUser_StartingOrder+1

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