Ver.12.0.0 The execution speed of the second and later commands is now faster.

When Explode orders commands are executed several times in the same Scheduling parameter, the execution speed of the second and later commands is now faster.
The greater the number of items and Integrated Masters, the greater the effect. The speed does not depend on the number of orders or operations.  This is effective when a loop command is used to explode orders for each low level code.
With data containing about 100,000 lines in the Item table and 800,000 lines in the Integrated Master table, in an explode order that generates about 500 operations, the execution of each Explode orders command that took approximately 2 seconds previously now takes approximately 0 seconds.
1) In Explode orders commands, the processing speed of deleting numerous unnecessary replenishment orders is now faster.
A process for deleting 20,000 orders that took 20 minutes now takes only several tens of seconds.
2) The quantity calculation speed is now faster for cases where replenishment orders generated as a result of setting "Auto-replenish flag" to "Yes (one-to-one production)" or "Yes (inventory + one-to-one production) are pegged.
With data containing about 1600 orders that are pegged to 120 replenishment orders generated as a result of setting "Auto-replenish flag" to "Yes (inventory + one-to-one production)", the Explode orders command that took 17 minutes 30 seconds to complete now takes only 1 minute 50 seconds.
3) "Unassign all" sometimes took a long time when there were many Input instruction masters, Output instruction masters, and Use instruction masters, but it is now processed more quickly.
With data containing 130,000 Input instruction master items, "Unassign all" that took approximately 8 minutes to complete previously took 1 second to complete.
4) The processing speed of deleting orders, operations, Input instructions, Output instructions, Use instructions, and Pegs during command execution is now faster.
5) On Asprova SCP, calculation of low level code is now faster.
With data containing 1,830,000 items, calculation that took 26 minutes to complete was reduced to 52 seconds.
6) On Asprova SCP, the processing time for assigning purchase orders backward was made as independent as possible of the number of purchase masters that are unrelated to those orders.
7) On Asprova SCP, the processing speed of assigning purchase orders is now faster when there are numerous resources registered in "Target resources" of Scheduling parameters.
8) The execution speed of internal functions is now faster. This speeds up table window displays when internal functions are contained in Display expressions, when internal functions are used in Modify properties commands, when internal functions are used to export virtual properties, and so on.
With data containing 500,000 operations, if four virtual properties that use internal functions are added to the field mapping of a default operation table and exported to a text file, the processing time was reduced from 78 seconds to 48 seconds.