Asprova Ver.16.1

Main features of this version

  1. When refresh importing, properties that were not field mapped can now be left as it is.
  2. Other changes
  3. Help


   1. When refresh importing, properties that were not field mapped can now be left as it is.

In the past versions, when refresh importing, values of properties that were not mapped were cleared. From now onwards, by setting the DBIO object’s [Clear values of properties not mapped] to “No”, it will not clear those values. This has been available when used with SAP Link, but can now be used by anyone with a Ver.16.1 license from now onwards.

Initial setting [Resource name] is not mapped.
[Inspection 1] is not included in the external data.
Importing the data will be the following.
When [Clear values of properties not mapped] is “No”

When [Clear values of properties not mapped] is “Yes”


   2. Other changes

When recursively reflecting results in previous processes, the time constraint method can now be taken into account.

For example, when Time constraint method is ES, if any of the next process’s operations is “Started” or “Completed”, the current operation will also become “Completed”. Before this version, all of the next process’ operations has to be Completed before current operation also becomes Completed. For more details, refer to the Online Help page about this. Sample V is a sample for checking out this feature.

If there are a lot of object type properties, import has been sped up.

If there are alot of object property settings, importing time has been reduced. For example, in an import data for integrated master with 100,000 lines that specifies processes and resources, the time to import has been reduced from 42 seconds to 27 seconds (-35%).


   3. HELP

From now on, Online Help can be accessed by versions.

Online Help can now be accessed by version. You can view the online help for your own Asprova version. We will provide help pages of versions
16.0, 16.1 in Japnaese
16.1 in Enlgish
16.1 in Chinese

Added Expression Handbook to Online Help.

The Expression Handbook that had only been included in the installer so far can now be downloaded from the Online Help page.
Japanese Enlgish

Asprova ID login is now necessary.

As part of reworking help, it is now necessary to login with Asprova ID to access Online Help. Also, the Offline Help (.chm) as well as NLS/DS Manual (.pdf) is no longer included in Asprova installer. If there is a need to view the help file in an offline environment, please contact Asprova.