Asprova Ver.16.4

There are no new features added for this version. The changes are mainly as follows:
1. To reflect the 8 months of bug fixes done since Ver.16.3.0, for a more stable module.
2. There were changes made within Asprova’s underlying codebase for future developments. The existing features have been thoroughly tested, and we are satisfied this module is stable enough for release.

Other improvements made are as follows:

   1. Switching styles in tables with pivot settings is now faster

From Ver., switching styles through the style tabs or top left corner menu is now faster.
This is more apparent if the previous style contains a lot of rows.

The following is a certain data and the timings for switching styles.
Operation Input Instructions: 500k, Operation Output Instructions: 220k
Style A Rows: 10000, Columns: 12
Style B Rows: 50, Columns: 12
Style C Rows: 1000, Columns: 12

Sequence Ver. Ver. Improvement
1 Switch to StyleA 3.143 2.423 1.3x
2 Switch to StyleB 6.875 2.511 2.7x
3 Switch to StyleC 2.828 2.308 1.2x
4 Switch to StyleA 3.213 2.449 1.3x
5 Switch to StyleC 6.668 2.315 2.9x
6 Switch to StyleB 2.782 2.306 1.2x
7 Switch to StyleA 3.209 2.439 1.3x
8 Switch to StyleC 6.691 2.383 2.8x
9 Switch to StyleA 3.269 2.430 1.3x
10 Switch to StyleB 6.669 2.394 2.8x
Average 4.535 2.396 1.9x

★ Comments from users and partners
When changing tabs to a different table when the default PSI table is open it seems that the “Updating PSI table…” message no longer appears (in Ver. this message used to appear when moving to a new PSI table class, such as group aggregation, however this has since stopped). When this message appeared it usually took around 8 seconds for it to go away and for the new table to load, but after updating to the current version* I think it now only takes around 1 second for the same message to disappear. Furthermore, even when the PSI table is not being used I feel that transitioning between different table tabs is faster that it was in Ver.


   2. Under certain conditions with changeover setup, it is possible to speed up rescheduling

Please refer to [Do detailed search when inserting operation] property page.

   3. Windows 11 is supported from Ver.16.1

Please refer to [Operating Environment] page.