Asprova Ver.17.3

Version limitation feature:
Users who are using Ver. 17.3 or earlier must have a maintenance contract in order to use the “Version Limit Function”.

   1. Changeover Teardown (Version restricted feature)

The Changeover Teardown feature allows teardown to be specified based on conditions.
Please see the help page for more information on Changeover Teardown.

– Item teardown table
Works like the setup table for changeover setup.
Below is an example of a 300 minute teardown time when the previous and next items are different.

– Teardown menu
The changeover teardown can be specified from the newly added teardown menu in the Table View menu.

– Adding EII interface
EII interface for customizing teardown time
EIIFilterCalcCombinationTeardownDuration added.

See the following SDK documentation in the installation folder for details.
SDK/4_Tutorial_EII/PlugIn Training EII VB.NET2019.pdf
SDK/4_Tutorial_EII/PlugIn Training EII CS2019.pdf
SDK/4_Tutorial_EII/PlugIn Training EII VC2019.pdf

   2. COM IF

Added COM IF to manipulate property windows.
The reason for adding this COM IF is to display the property view for objects while using custom views and plug-ins.
– Specify the object you wish to display in the properties window.
– A tab will be shown in the properties window.