Asprova Ver.17.6

Ver.17.6 Release Date: May 7th 2024

Ver. 17.6 allows more flexible window layouts for tables and charts with the window docking function. Other features include a command to show a message box while rescheduling, changing the Asprova NLS password settings to specify a minimum password length and number of types.

* Users who are using Ver. 17.6 or earlier must have a maintenance contract in order to use version restricted features.

   1. Window docking for all windows (version restricted feature)

From Ver. 17.6 onwards, any window can be docked. This allows multiple tables and charts to be freely arranged and displayed on a single screen.

Docking was possible prior to Ver. 17.0, but it has become more convenient and flexible since Ver. 17.6. Any window can be docked. It’s also easier to specify where windows are to be docked, and to automatically hide docked windows.

Please see Help for details.

   2. Message box command

A command has been added to show a message box within scheduling parameters and processing hooks. By including a message box command in a scheduling parameter, it is possible to confirm with a dialog box whether to perform rescheduling, or to inform the operator of the results of the reschedule, such as a delay in delivery date.

A message box similar to the following can be displayed


Please refer to the Message Box Command page of the online help for details on the function.

The decision to develop this function was based on a request in a forum thread, for a warning alert to be displayed when a reschedule hits a certain condition.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your requests and comments on the forum.
We would appreciate your continued requests for function improvements.

   3. Confirmation dialog for menu actions

For the certain menu actions, a confirmation dialog can now be shown to prevent accidental execution of the action. This message can be shown or hidden by setting the properties.


Menu actions:
  - Import
  - Export
  - Upload differential data to Asprova DS
  - Download differential data from Asprova DS
  - Upload differential data to Asprova My Schedule
   – Download differential data from Asprova My Schedule

How to enable the function
 In the “Display settings” tab in the Workspace, various properties have been added to toggle the dialog for each menu action.


* Confirmation dialog will not be shown if the actions were executed from a scheduling parameter, even if the property is specified to show it. For now, the confirmation dialog will only be shown for actions executed from the menu.



   4. Autocalc improvements

Some improvements have been made to Autocalc functionality. Previously, cells displaying numerical values separated by commas were not considered numerical values for the purposes of AutoCalc calculations, and the average, total, maximum, minimum, etc. were not calculated. Starting with Ver. 17.6, the average, total, maximum, minimum, and other aggregate results are also displayed when numbers are separated by commas.

Comma-separated order quantities, as shown in the following image, are calculated.


The number of digits displayed for AutoCalc calculation results was previously fixed at two decimal places, but the number of digits can now be changed according to the target of the calculation.
If there are cells in the selection that have decimal places, the average, maximum minimum, and total will be displayed according to the highest number of digits displayed in the selection. In the case of the following image, three decimal places are the highest number of digits displayed in the selection, so the average, maximum, minimum, and total are also displayed with three digits.


This feature has been modified based on requests received at and on the forum.
We would appreciate your continued requests for function improvements.


   5. Password requirements for Asprova NLS

When using Asprova NLS, a user name and password must be registered for each user. And there is a restriction on the string of characters that can be used in a password: “It must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 3 of the following: upper case letters, lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. As of Ver., the Asprova NLS administrator can change this restriction.

This is a great tool to use if you want to impose stronger restrictions on password length and complexity than the defaults in order to comply with your company’s security policy, for example.

The following two configuration items have been added to asnlsenv.txt in the NLS configuration file.

  Set how many characters or more the password must be.
  Sets how many or more uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers a password must contain.

Please refer to the NLS/DS manual for details.


   6. More cloud environment support for Asprova NLS

Asprova NLS is now available for the following cloud environments:
 - Alibaba Cloud
 - Huawei Cloud
License is activated and used by e-protector. Please see Help for details.