Ver6.2.1 Use instruction bar and task bar can be resized on Gantt chart

On resource rows of a Gantt chart, the use-time of a use instruction or task bar (setup, production or teardown) can be changed with the mouse.

Resizing feature

When bar is selected by clicking with the left mouse button, an orange point will be appear on each end of the bar. Dragging this point with the mouse, the length of the bar can be changed. This feature can be used to

– remove a gap between two operations by hand
– set production or setup time shorter than that of specified in master table

When resizing, the production quantity changes accordingly. It is also possible to set a step size to make the resizing action occur in for example, 10 minute steps.

For more information about the resizing feature, please, refer to HelpNo.:742100 (a help topic) in Asprova Help file.