Ver.8.0.0 Dispatching view – new window type

Useful for confirming and re-arranging the ordering of tasks, including changing of staff/resources for the task.

The dispatching view shows the order in which tasks will be carried out for each resource, allowing for easy confirmation of the jobs for today, this week, etc.Operations can be moved by dragging with the mouse to change their dispatching order or resource.
The dispatching view is likely to be convenient for those who are used to a table type schedule display.
Viewing options such as cell coloring and resources shown can be customized, and the status of operations (results, fixed-status etc) can be seen in the table.The dispatching view is printable, and could be used as a work instructons sheet.By opening a resource gantt chart window linked to a dispatching view, the strengths of both views can be utilised, with selections in one window being highlighted in the other for clarity.