Ver.9.0.0 The event option function was enhanced.

The event option function was enhanced. This function can be used to automatically assign clean up and other event operations on the basis of the production time, accumulated production quantity, and the like.
Sub resources and input and output instructions can now be attached to event operations so that items such as workers and cleaning agents that are needed in the cleanup operation can also be scheduled at the same time.
In the following example, a cleaning event for a mixing tank is set.  Since the event operation is assigned by referring to the Integrated Master of the "Mix1Cleaning" item set for the "Master item" in the event conditions, the cleanup worker is also assigned at the same time.

Event Option

In addition, the "Property setting expression" property that was added to the event conditions can be used to edit the event order properties.
For example, you can set a value for the production quantity of the event order to make the fluctuations in items such as cleaning agents, which are needed for cleanup, readily visible in sync with the input and output instructions of master items.
Event Option
  Asprova Help -> [Option]-[Event Option]