Summarying the data of the load graph

There is amethod called ExportSummaryData in ASGTimeChartWindow class.
This method is used to ecport the data of the chart.
The format and the name of the exported file ,and the term type will be exported to the argument.

For example, try to export the width of row about 1 day in RDB format, use the follow.
Dim ratiograph as AsLib.ASGTimeChartWindow
Set ratiograph = root.RootWorkspace.ObjectWindow.Views.OpenNewLoadGraph

ratiograph.ExportSummaryData kChartFileFormat_RDB,strExportPath, kUnitTermType_1Day

Mennwhile the summary method can be specified by the data of LoadGraphSummaryMethod of the ASGTimeChartWindow class.
SummaryMethod: [TLoadGraphSummaryMethod]
None: [kLoadGraphSummaryMethod_None]
Average: [kLoadGraphSummaryMethod_Average]

※the root object is [ASORootObject]. Take it first.
※the pass of the export data should be specified in the [strExportPath first]
※The details of the function about the export format[TChartFileFormat] and the term type [TUnitTermType] can be found in the help