Keys to successful implementation

*Set goals halfway between the ideal situation and reality
It is important to envision the ideal situation. However, if you use the idealized vision directly as the project goal, in most cases the project won’t succeed. The best goals are set halfway between the ideal situation and the current situation. Also, since adding to or changing goals in the middle of a project can become a source of confusion, be sure to set clear goals from the outset and leave them unchanged until the project is done.

*Investigate thoroughly before signing the contract
Before officially resolving to deploy Asprova, be sure to create a prototype and test it thoroughly, so as to be as sure as possible that your profit increase project will be a success.

*Plan to spend a significant amount of time and effort on preparing necessary data
Preparing the necessary master data is a lot of work. In general, you should expect it to take one month or more with one person working full-time on data preparation. Be sure to make arrangements so that the person in charge of data preparation will be able to set aside a sufficient amount of time for this job.

*Make the shop floor strictly follow the new management method
A profit increase project involves re-organizing your way of doing things. You will adopt new ways of issuing work instructions and gathering production results data. While it is common for some people to be tenacious in wanting to continue the old way, unless everyone understands the need for the re-organization and participates in carrying it out, the re-organization will not succeed. For this reason, before starting test operation, hold an orientation session to explain the meaning of the operation procedure and the way to carry it out. It is also important for the company president to make an official statement to employees directing them to fully participate in the change.