Reasons of failure

*Too high goals
If you pursue an ideal too much and try to realize a large-scale and complicated systematization, it will often happen that you cannot start operating the system by the due date. We recommend setting goals halfway between the ideal situation and the current situation. Also, you should try to avoid changing goals in the middle of a project.

*Insufficient investigation
We recommend creating a prototype and testing it thoroughly before implementing Asprova so that you can be as sure as possible that your goals are achievable. If the implementation is done based on an agreement only in general and without carefully considering details of the implementation, various requests such as changes of the system may be made from the sections of the shop floor immediately before starting using the system and a serious situation may arise.

*Lack of leadership of the project leader
The project team typically consists of three or more people, including one project leader, one or more people involved in production planning, and one or more people involved in system administration. If the project team cannot be formed in this composition and for example, only one person is assigned to the project, it is impossible to run the project. Even if the person in charge prepares an implementation plan, the shop floor may not follow the plan. If a company president or factory manager can take part as a project leader and cooperation can be obtained from everyone concerned, the project will not be difficult to carry out.