When renewing an ERP system, is it better to implement Asprova before or after the renewal?

A benefit of renewing the ERP/production management system first is that you can avoid developing interfaces between Asprova and the ERP/production management system twice. A benefit of implementing Asprova first is that you don’t have to implement the ERP/production management system that may not be needed when Asprova is implemented. Generally, implementing a system and changing ways of operating the system require a lot more work than developing interfaces. Therefore, in many cases, it will be more efficient to implement Asprova first and then consider rational renewal of the ERP/production management system having Asprova a core system.
As a result of implementing Asprova, you could possibly expect the following functions to be transferred from the ERP/production management system to Asprova:

*Master data (item table, resources) maintenance

*Requirement calculation for raw materials

*Requirement planning for resources

*Staff planning/overtime forecast

*Automatic generation of manufacturing orders

*Automatic generation of purchase orders

*Pegging between inventory and sales/manufacturing orders

*Detailed finite-capacity schedule creation

*Short/long term load calculation

*Work instruction issuing